Neck Pain

Mechanical pain or nerve impingement,  whiplash (WAD), cervico-genic head aches,  postural issues, concussion.

Mid and Low Back Pain

Mechanical pain, nerve impingment, disc protrusion/ prolapsed, facet joint dysfunctions, spondylopathies, sciatica.

Shoulder Pain/Injuries

Rotator Cuff dysfunction, tears, impingement syndromes, tendonpathies, scapular dysfunction, post- op repairs, dislocations

Hip/Pelvic Pain

Bursitis, gluteal strain/ dysfunction, osteitis pubis, groin strain, lumbo-pelvic dysfunction, piriformis syndrome, pseudo-sciatica.

Knee Pain/Injuries

ACL/PCL/ MCL ligament sprains and meniscal tears, joint arthritis, tendonopathies, Osgood’s Schlatter’s , ITB syndrome, patellar femoral pain, hamstring / quad strains.

Ankle and Foot Pain/Injuries

Achilles tendonopathies, posterior tibialis dysfunction, shins splints, ankle ligament sprains, plantar faciaitis, pes cavus/ planus, metatarsalgia, bunions

Other Sports Injuries

Calf, hamstring and quadriceps tears  and myofacial dysfunction.


Tendonopathies, repetitive strain,  tennis elbow/ golfer’s elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome

Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Specialists in all surgical protocols for the foot, ankle, knee, hip and spine, shoulder and upper limb