Delighted to share this new Acronyms designed by some fellow Canadians at the running clinic in Quebec Canada


It is a great source of advancement from the well known RICE, PRICE, PROTECT acronyms, with a part two what to do after the first 72 hours of modified protection.



PROTECT- It encourages early and controlled loading, after the 72 hours, as prolonged rest can effect tissue strength and quality.

ELEVATE- elevating the injured area above the heart promotes interstitial fluid flow out of the tissues

AVOID- they suggest no NSAIDS (anti-inflammatories) and ice in the PEACE phase?  I think it is important to mention I am a big believer of ice/ sea soaks and small doses of NSAIDS which can help comfort, function and early activation. I agree tho this needs to be kept in moderation and medically supervised.

COMPRESS- has been shown to reduce inter- articular oedema and tissue bleeding, improves quality of life and increased function.

EDUCATE- I like that they re-assure we need to educate people that we need to avoid unnecessary scans/ diagnostics in the early stages, and not look for the ‘magic cure’ just give the body time to heal


LOAD- An active approach with movement and exercise producing a mechanical stress should be added early and normal activities resumed as soon as symptoms allow. Optimal loading  without exacerbating pain promotes repair, remodelling and builds tissue tolerance and the capacity of tendons, muscles and ligaments

OPTIMISM-  patient expectations are associated with better outcomes and prognosis. Psychological factors such as catastrophisation, depression and fear can represent barriers to recovery

VASCULARISATION- pain-free aerobic exercise should be started a few days after injury to boost motivation and increase blood flow to the injured structures. Early mobilisation and aerobic exercise improve physical function, supporting return to activity and reduce the need for pain medication

EXERCISE- there is good evidence to support exercise help to restore mobility, strength and proprioception early after injury and is importance to prevent re- injury. Pain and swelling need to be monitored to avoid progressions too early in the healing phases


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