Running with an injury

Things to consider that will allow you to continue to train:

  1. Overuse injury- did your injury occur due to a build up of training?
    – commonly shin splints, ITB syndrome, runners knee, Achilles tendinopathy, plantar fasciitis, or simple muscle pulls.
    Most people avoid going to the doctor or physio for fear of being told to stop running. Luckily in Triathlon, it is usually a matter of dropping one/ or part of one of the disciplines (usually running), and swim and bike more.
  2. Choose a lower level of activity with less impact–what ever you choose, ensure there is no increases in symptoms- before or after the activity.
    • Consider- cross-training- Bike , swim, pool running, all of which are lower impact Or walk/ run, consider a change in surfaces- grass or astro turf or Tread mill
  3. Strength training- specific and targeted – core and hips in runners are usually weak, calves are tight, feet are lazy
  4. Mobility and dynamic stretching ,yoga, MFR techniques, as long as it does not aggravate symptoms
  5. Increase sleep (see previous Tricia’s Tri Tips on this subject)

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