Athletic bone health- are we getting enough vitamin D?

When do you train? Is it in the early morning? Late evening? Are you working indoors all day?

Insufficiency and deficiency are reported worldwide.  Studies suggest that poor Vitamin D status is very common in the athletic populations….  especially in Ireland where we have reduced amount of sunshine year round.  With the seasons changing and days shortening this is something we need to be even more aware of

It is well known that Vitamin D is necessary for optimal bone health, with emerging evidence that Vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of autoimmune disease and non- skeletal chronic diseases with a profound effect on immunity, inflammation and muscle function, especially in the elderly. If you are feeling more fatigued, low mood, bone / muscle aches and cramps, please consider you might be low in Vitamin D.

Compromised Vitamin D status can affect an athletes overall health and ability to train due to the sub optimal bone health, innate immunity and exercise related immunity and inflammation, thus getting sick or injured, low mood/ lack of motivation and increased fatigue.

Dose recommended daily is:  600-1000 IU but could be as high as 1000-4000 IU to achieve optimal and maintained Vitamin D levels. If your levels are low it can take 6 weeks to regain optimal levels with supplementation so be mindful to keep on top of them.

Regular and safe sun exposures- assist in obtaining and maintaining Vitamin D levels in combination with diet and supplementation.



Suggestion:  if you are NOT working in the outdoors regularly and are not exposed to 4-6hrs of sunshine regularly we ALL need to be taking a good quality Vitamin D supplement.

Testing for Vitamin D levels in Ireland can only be done by a consultant referral and can be costly, so if you are not sure there is no harm in taking a good quality supplement.


Happy winter training….  longer days are just around the corner. Hang in there!!

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